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Different Types of Nursing Bras

November 14th, 2011 | Posted by tarae in Bras NYC | Nursing Bras

As previously mentioned underwire bras may not be suitable nursing bras since if they are ill-fitted they may cause plugged ducts or mastitis. However, if you are a large breasted woman, underwire nursing bras may provide the best support. You should never sleep in an underwire bra and you must make sure that the wire puts no pressure on your breasts. If you are unaccustomed to wearing underwire bras, you should wear wireless nursing bras. Ones without underwire may be more comfortable, but if you are big-busted, they may not provide you with enough support. nursing bras

Most nursing bras now include front flaps, which may be detached, without unclasping the bra, for your nursing convenience. These bras are designed for discreet nursing and certain models have adjustable flaps to accommodate changing cup sizes. These bras make nursing easy and are ideal if you have to nurse in public. The flaps either connect at the top of the bra cups or in between the two cups, near the band of the bra. Before you purchase the bras, you need to make sure the flaps clasp and unclasp easily, otherwise trying to nurse will be very frustrating.

Other nursing bras have no underwire or flaps, but are made so that they may be easily pulled to one side with one hand. These bras tend to be made from softer materials and are thus very comfortable; they are suitable to wear while you are sleeping. They are also generally less expensive than other types of nursing bras, but they may lack the proper support that underwire and flap nursing bras offer.

Choosing the right nursing bras really depends on the size of your breasts and personal preference. To learn more about nursing bras, including how to have other types of brand name bras converted into nursing bras, visit BrasNYC.com.

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