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Great Support from Anita Bras

October 17th, 2011 | Posted by KristenM in Bras NYC

anita nursing brasAnita bras began in the late 1800s making corsets and body-belts for women. But as the lingerie style of women changed, so did the company. Although they created bras for all, the company shifted their focus to a more specific market creating Anita nursing bras, post-mastectomy bras, and bras for the well endowed.  Although there has always been a need for nursing bras, the other two categories weren’t exactly very popular on the market years ago. Now there is a demand for these types of bras and Anita is looking to meet those needs.

Their goal is to create comfortable bras for all types of women, without sacrificing fashion and style. It’s their philosophy to blend, comfort, function, and fashion because no woman should be without all three when it comes to her undergarments. Anita bras are a top choice for nursing bras ensuring that the bras are easy to use. They have even extended their collection to sports bras, offering bras for both light and extreme activities to give you the restraint you need.

Lastly, they provide bras in larger sizes. It can be extremely difficult to find fashionable bras larger than a double D, but Anita bras creates sizes well past that to cater to the specific market of women. Take a look at the wonderful selection and great prices at BrasNYC.com.

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