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Finding the Right Champion Sports Bra

October 24th, 2011 | Posted by KristenM in Sports Bras

champion sports braNot too long ago we discussed while it’s important to wear a sports bra when you’re exercising or doing any type of physical activity. But now that you know you need a sports bra, which do you choose? Champion sports bras come highly recommended. Athletes around the world use not only their bras, but their athletic apparel. Quality sports bras, like Champion, will come with an MCR (motion control rating). This rating informs you the level of activity meant for the bra.

A low MCR means the bra is good for walking, low impact workouts, yoga, etc. Medium MCR bras are great for aerobics, fast walking, weight lifting, and dancing. Basically sports where you will be bouncing around, but not too intensely. These bras will be more confining than low MCR bras. High MCR bras are intended for more intense sports like running, jump rope, field sports, etc. These will be the most restrictive, so some might find them slightly uncomfortable –but they do get the job done!

A Champion sports bra will wick away moisture. Most have mesh panels to allow cool air in. They come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and many can even be worn without another shirt over it in the warmer months –it all depends on your comfort level.

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