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They’re Barely There

September 19th, 2011 | Posted by KristenM in Bras NYC

support brasWhen I shop for clothing, whether it be for womens hosiery or a blouse, I always shop for comfort. I’m going to be wearing this garment all day, so why shouldn’t it feel incredibly comfortable? To me, there is nothing worse than feeling itchy or stiff in an outfit. It ruins your day, ruins your mood, and even ruins the outfit because you don’t look happy in it. And this is exactly what the brand Barely There is trying to avoid. The name couldn’t be any more fitting (pun slightly intended). It’s all about the wonder and beauty that is comfortable clothing.

Barely There has both bras and panties made from soft fabrics that won’t move around or ride up. For many women, myself included, the idea of underwire bras make you cringe. You worry about poking and prodding, but no more! Not with Barely There’s selection of underwire bras. No pinches; no scratches and only Microfiber lace that will leave you itch-free.

But unlike other brands, comfort doesn’t have to come at a “price” with Barely There. Their undergarments are extremely affordable, and even more so when shopping at BrasNYC.com. You’ll actually look forward to wearing these items because it’ll be like…they’re barely there! Look for this brand and more, including Bali bras and Donna Karan bras, at BrasNYC.com.

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